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The Valhalla Renaissance Faire
The Valhalla Renaissance Faire, South Lake Tahoe, CA

We are a historical re-enactment group that performs at Renaissance Faires and other events along the West Coast and beyond. We portray an ambassadorial entourage from the Medici Court in Florence sent to call upon the Courts of Elizabeth and Mary as they travel throughout their own countryside in an attempt to avoid London's summer bouts of the Plague.

From our encampment we wait until Her Majesty has time to have an audience and in the interim we spend our days haggling with the local merchants in working out new trade agreements, drilling our troops should the need arise for a military action, receiving and sending dispatches, and holding court - and in short, trying to make the best of being so far from home.

In addition to entertaining the faire's audience, we also seek to educate, both though continual improvisational theater directed both at other performers as well as towards any patron who would care to join in the play, and through activities such as period weapons instruction, blackwork, music, painting, and much more.

Prospective Members:
For those who might be interested in joining us, know that it's both hard work as well as immensely rewarding. In becoming a part of a small (less than 40 members) tight-knit performance troupe that has a rich history and promising future - you'll find the return on your blood, sweat, and tears, is that you'll learn more about yourself, about a great time in European History, and about the country that brought the Renaissance to the rest of a World that was still struggling to emerge from the Middle Ages. If you'd like to learn more, be sure to check out our library, as it has a range of documents about our orginization and how to join us. While we love to hear from interested people at any time, new members must audition by May 1st of each year so that they have time to develop a character, pull together a costume, go through the theatrical rehursals and the historical workshops to be ready to face the first events of a season. If you have any questions, please Email us at any time.

For Event Producers:
If you think you might like to have us at your event, please contact us by clicking here. Please check our Calendar to make sure that we're not already scheduled for another event the same weekend as yours. For a sampling of our routines and offerings, click here to read more about us.

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